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Next Meeting

Sunday, December 4th, 2016, 2:30 p.m.
(Note time & date change)

We will be showing and discussing the film, "The Cure Is…"

"The Cure Is…" is a film of self-discovery and empowerment which brings forth the most important message to come along in decades, that we, as individuals, control our wellbeing. And, our emotions play a crucial role in how we experience even life itself.

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Upcoming Events

Mystic Healer Sonja Grace will be joining us on Sunday, January 15th.

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Founder of the
Institute of Noetic Sciences


Portland IONS, an Institute of Noetic Sciences Community Group in Portland, Oregon, began meeting in 1992. Meetings are open to anyone interested in exploring the frontiers of consciousness.

Our meetings serve three general functions:

  • To facilitate intellectual explorations of IONS research, ecology, global issues and perspectives, the spiritual or the paranormal.
  • To offer experiential opportunities, particularly with activities that support our personal transformation and expansion of consciousness, as well as activities that help further the shift to a more unifed, healthy, sustainable world.
  • To support one another's individual experiences of non-ordinary states of consiousness that are not necessarily supported by the dominant society/culture. This supportive function also serves to help us integrate IONS knowledge and wisdom into our individual work and personal spheres of influence.

Our meetings are every third Sunday of the month, so we invite all Portland IONS members to make suggestions, join the Steering Committee, or volunteer to lead a meditation or a discussion on a particular topic.

Please let us know of your interest by sending us an email at admin@ionspdx.org.

Past meeting topics have included:

  • the economy
  • Psych K.
  • energy healing
  • flower essences
  • family constellations
  • spoon bending
  • shamanism
  • astrology
  • kinesiology
  • You can find more of our past topics here.

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